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Regardless of get data back repository model used or any online data backup storage media used for backups, a balance has to be struck between accessibility, security and costs. Such media management methods are not mutually exclusive and are therefore frequently combined to meet the needs of the situation of get data back recovery. Using online disks for staging any data before it is sent to a near-line tape library is one common example.

* On-line

On-line backup storage method is typically the most accessible type of data storage, which begins restoring in milliseconds time. A good example would be any internal hard disk or a disk array. This type of storage is convenient and speedy, but expensive. Online storage is vulnerable to being overwritten.

* Near-line

Near-line storage method is typically less accessible and therefore less expensive than an on-line storage, but still useful for get data back storage. A good example is a tape library with restore times ranging from seconds to minutes. Mechanical devices are usually involved in moving media units from storage into any drive where the data may be read or written.

* Off-line

Off-line storage to get data back requires some direct human action to make access to the storage media physically possible. This action is typically inserting a tape into a tape drive. Because the data is not accessible via any computer except during few limited periods in which it is written, it is largely immune to a whole class of on-line backup failure methods.
Off-site data protection

To protect against a disaster, many people choose to send backup media to an off-site vault with a get data back key. The vault may be as simple as a system administrator's home office or as sophisticated as a disaster hardened and temperature controlled, high security bunker that has facilities for various backup media storage. Importantly a get data back replica can be off-site but also an on-line (e.g., an off-site RAID mirror). Such replicas have fairly limited value as a backup, and ought not to be confused with an off-line backup.

Back up archives can be stored in open and standard formats, especially when the idea is long-term archiving. And at times recovery processes and software may have changed, and software may not be available any more to restore data saved in proprietary formats. Automated backups and scheduling should be seriously considered, as manual backups me be affected by human error.

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This article was published on 2011/02/11