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Data recovery is a process where the data is recovered from failed, irrecoverable, damaged or corrupt storage mediums. In such cases, the data are impossible to be recovered normally for which data recovery software as Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac etc are used. A system crashing or in any way loosing important data is a common problem among users. Blame it on the fast moving world or carelessness a small mistake can at times cost the most important data.

Reasons to losing data: There can be reasons to losing data. Some would be:

  • Problem in the medium where the data is stored is one reason to loose the data. This can be physical problems as wear and tear or the presence of foreign particles as dust that can cause scratch or at times heat generated can cause problems too. Times magnetic related problems can also happen due to which the files become corrupt and will become unreadable.
  • An operating system failure is also a reason for the use of ‘data recovery software’. In such cases, the need is to copy useful and required data from the failed Operating System to a storage medium. This can usually be accomplished very easily.
  • Another reason to loosing data is disk failure. It is very difficult to recover data from a disk failure as it involves very complex processes to do so.
  • At times files are deleted by mistake and such recovery is also possible. It is usually preferred in Forensic purposes and such.

How is data recovered? Recovery techniques depends on the kind of damaged caused due to which the data is lost. They are:

  • Recovery performed in case of physical damage of the storage medium. Physical damages to the storage systems are very common. In case of CD ROMs the dye or metallic layers can be scratched off or hard disk can have several mechanical failures as failed motors or head crashes and such. In such cases where the hard disk is physically damaged, the users cannot repair it by themselves rather an expert needs to do it. In some cases, the replacement of certain hard disk parts are more than enough for the hard disk to be usable again which again at times have a chance for ‘logical damage’. A specified disk imaging procedure is used for recovering data from such hard disks.
  • It is usually believed that overwritten data cannot be retrieved. But Peter Gutmann, a computer scientist argues that a magnetic force microscope method can help in recovering over written data. Even though there is not any visible proof to this, research is still going on.
  • At times data cannot be retrieved due to the corrupted file systems, to such problems; data recovery software can retrieve at least a part of these data by correcting the file system.
  • Online data recovery is another method that is widely used now where the user don’t have to  travel or send the medium anywhere but rather an expert accesses the user’s computer over the internet and works over it to recover the lost data.

Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac: Wondershare has brought this product to solve the data recovery problems for the users. This software is particularly for Mac Operating system. The feature is has, are:

  • It can retrieve deleted, lost and formatted data.
  • It can retrieve images, emails, archives, documents, audios videos etc.
  • It not only retrieves from Mac hard drive but also almost all storage devices.
  • It has a very reasonable cost and is very reliable.
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This article was published on 2011/09/27