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Data is always been very important for individuals and for the corporate businesses, because that data is used to carry the important information and contents in the digital format for individuals as well as for the corporate business. As an individual, you may always keep your important files like photos of your important family events like birthday celebrations and trips or tours that contain important memories for you. Digital data that are present on the hard disk of the computer may also contain the videos of your family events like wedding ceremonies and Christmas celebration that are in high definition quality and you always love to watch these precious memories all the times. Your laptop or personal computers are always full of such material, and your hard disks carry gigabytes of such data. Data that is present on the hard disk of the computer is always on the risk because being an electronic device there is always an uncertainty factor is associated with computers. All these files are required to be secured because security is the most important and necessary task that is required to be performed for the data integrity and availability.

Data backup is a term that refers to the task of maintaining two or multiple copies of the same data on the different media so that if one resource is damaged the data can be attained from the other one. This task is important and primary that can be done via using different storage media devices but most dominantly and prominently used media is optical storage media either DVD or the compact disks. These are the plastic made disks that are used to store data like magnetic disks and optically this data is read from these devices. This media are used to store data digitally, and it is also an optimal solution when it comes to finance. Still there is a lot of time required to take continuous backups of the files and this solution is avoided because of the unavailability of the disks at a time and user involvement that it requires. Mostly the users are only depending on the physical storage of the computer.

In this situation, data are always on risk of being lost. There are numbers of the factors that are always proving to be real threats like accidental deletion of the files, hardware and operating system’s malfunctioning hardware failures that may deletion of the files from the hard disks. The most dangerous situation is when your hard disk is formatted that may lead a huge data to a permanent lost. Most of the computer users think a drive format as an unrecoverable loss, but genuine situation is reverse to this phenomenon. The drives that are formatted by the operating systems are still recoverable because data is only deleted from the graphical interface or virtually but present on the physical parts of the hard disk. A format data recovery can be done to manage the data for reuse. A format data recovery task can easily be done using wonder share data recovery tool. It will make you handle and reuse the lost files again.


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Data loss and data recovery:

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Data loss and data recovery:

This article was published on 2012/02/23